sailor moon graphic meme: [3/4] outers

↳hotaru tomoe/sailor saturn

The reason I am called the Warrior of Ruin is because I am given enough power to destroy a planet. However, when I use that power, I myself will also…

Hello Austin!

Sitting in the airport. Let’s goooo.

"it was a bonafide battle to the death for reals."

does… does dub sayaka really say “for reals” in this serious conversation

i honestly feel like sayaka is the most human character in pmmm


How cool is this #GreatNeck street art? Every time I pass it I think they’re real…

h’suan wen hua on my hair, tea tree oil mask on my face

what a uniquely unpleasant smell


Detail shots of Vandala Doubloons - photos belong to riggles323.