before i go i have to say that i was totally unaware logan had tweeted about coachella when i was mooning about him/kogan earlier wow jeez wow i’m overwhelmed that couldn’t have lined up better

bad timing for that reblog~

masboobs replied to your post: fearking replied to your post:the scen…

wait wait no one said we had to EAT him though~

i’m sorry itzel but we have to at least taste him

i hate shows that judge presentation over flavor

more like bobby flayed alive amirite *flies a house bolton banner*

more like bobby filleted with a nice white wine vinaigrette

the scene in religionklok where toki asks the satanic priest to grant him vengeance against “his enemies at the food network” is literally me

there’s a post like “toki is so cute and sweet he’s my innocent sugar baby” and then a reply cap of him beating that manhattan sidewinder fan to death and now i’ve lost it but that’s my favorite post

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i worry about logan every single day of my life